Our surgery is located in the suburb of Glenside. You can find us just in from the corner of Greenhill Road and Allinga Avenue.

All our rooms are designed to provide distracting comforts from the reality of dental treatments. Soft music is piped through our surgery and each treatment room has relaxing garden views and you will be able to watch television on our ceiling mounted televisions while being treated.

We welcome people with dental anxiety and have various methods available to allow us to provide treatment in comfort.

We are open 5 days per week from 8.30 – 5.30

We take pride in running on time for your appointment, however there are rare times where we may be running late. This is either the result of having to see an person with an emergency or treatment being more complicated than predicted or perhaps the person before you arrived late making us run late. We will endeavor to contact you in the event we are running way behind schedule.

We do expect payment for services provided to be made at the end of each appointment. We cannot extend credit for our services unless authority to charge a credit card on a regular basis is given.

Quotes for treatment cannot be given via a telephone call or email as there are too many variables involved. Asking how much a filling or an extraction or a root canal costs is the same as asking how much does a pair of shoes cost.