We provide a comprehensive after hours emergency dental service. You can find the information here. This service is not a 24 hour service, most toothaches have a work up period before they become unbearable so act smart and fast and attend to the problem before it gets unbearable. If you happen to let it go so far that you are in pain and the problem is unbearable the best pain relief is often nurofen. Unless the pain is unbearable, it’s always a good idea to not take a pain reliving medication for at least 2 hours before your appointment as mild pain can be masked making diagnosing very difficult.

After hours dental care usually has a surcharge attached to it, this is to cover the time that the dentist needs to drive to the surgery, set up before you arrive and clean up after you leave and then drive back home again.

For broken teeth

If you can find the fragment that broke off, it is often helpful if you bring it in with you to your appointment. Placing it in milk keeps it moist.

If you can see a bit of the nerve exposed then see a dentist straight away. Delays will lead to nerve death and the need for root canal treatment. An exposed nerve looks like a pink or red dot in the middle of the break.


For total loss of teeth:

This is an emergency where time is of essence.

It is important that if a tooth is knocked out that you don not touch the root. If the root is dirty, by holding the crown of the tooth rinse the root cold running water. Then if you can place the tooth back in it’s socket if possible, or in a container of milk. Seek dental care promptly or you stand the chance of an unsuccessful replantation.