Why do we take X-Rays

We employ the use of digital x-rays in our surgery. There are three benefits to this.

  1. No nasty developing chemicals need to be used
  2. Storage is much easier
  3. Radiation exposure to you is greatly reduced

X-rays have been a necessary diagnostic tool for dental services for many years. They allow us to see what’s not on the surface. We take them for decay detection root canal treatments, gum disease ( periodontitis) assessments, extractions, implant assessments, pathology etc.

It’s important to understand that refusal of x-rays during an examination will make it impossible to assure you that there is no decay or other hidden problem.

One line we hear every now and then is ‘ if you are any good you don’t need to take an x-ray before an extraction’. The purpose of an x-ray is to see where the nerves or sinus is relative to the tooth root and to see if the roots are straight, curved, bent, etc. One thing nobody wants is a complicated difficult extraction or subsequent nerve or sinus problems. X-rays help us control the extraction process and make is as uncomplicated as possible.

For root canal treatments we usually take 4 x-rays. One at the start of the treatment to confirm the identity of the problem tooth and to see if there are any unforeseen complications to treatment. The second to measure the tooth, the third to confirm healing and the fourth to confirm the root filling has sealed the roots properly.

As mentioned earlier, digital x-rays are very low dosage and relatively safe. For you information, one dental x-ray ( bitewing) gives you less radiation than what you are exposed to in cross-country flight. Would you refuse to fly in a plane knowing that?