Your First Appointement

Your first contact with us may be for a general check up, a second opinion, or to take care of a concerning dental problem.

At this appointment we ask that you come in 10 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork, or alternatively you can do this at home by printing our introduction questionnaire here

During this appointment we will attend to your primary concern. For a toothache we will get you out of trouble, for a broken tooth we will repair the tooth back to function if time permits, or stabilize the tooth and arrange a subsequent appointment or referral to a specialist if required. For pathology we will try to identify what it is and then arrange all necessary referrals if required.

For a new patient examination, we spend time to listen to your concerns if there are any and address these as part of your examination. During this appointment, which may be between 30 – 60 minutes in duration, we will check all the teeth and gums as well as do an oral cancer examination. If you haven’t had any x-rays of your teeth in the past 2 years it may also be necessary to take a set of what we call bitewings, these help us see what we cant see by a visual inspection. Some decay is hidden below fillings and between teeth, x-rays are our best way of seeing these areas. We may also take an OPG x-ray to check for wisdom teeth, jaw joint issues and pathology. The other thing we do is to take photographs of your teeth. Photographs have proven to be an important step in the relaying of information to you. Once we put them on the screen we can talk you through our findings and talk you through what needs to be done tooth by tooth. The first examination appointment is often done in conjunction with our hygienist. It should be no surprise that teeth are much easier to assess once they have been cleaned

Once your first appointment is complete we will provide you with a printed quote of treatment required and arrange necessary appointments with ourselves or any external specialists or other service providers to get your mouth to a level of comfort, cleanliness, health and lifetime stability.