Dr Arthur Shizas (Principal Dentist)

Since the tender age of 12, Arthur harboured a dream to become a dentist. This early aspiration was the driving force behind his dedicated academic journey, culminating in a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Adelaide University in 1994. His time at university wasn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it was here that he developed a deep fascination for the surgical aspect of dentistry, a field in which he now excels. Arthur’s professional journey has been significantly shaped by his personal experiences with dental phobia.
Understanding the anxiety and fear associated with dental visits, Arthur has specialised in providing care for patients who feel nervous or apprehensive about dental treatments. His empathy stems from his own past fears of invasive dental procedures. Overcoming his phobia and finding a dentist who made him comfortable turned out to be a transformative experience for Arthur, and it’s this level of comfort and reassurance he aims to offer at East Adelaide Dental Studio.

It’s rewarding to make a difference in people’s lives, improving their dental health, getting them out of pain or fixing their smile while putting them at ease.”

Principal Dentist

At East Adelaide Dental Studio

At East Adelaide Dental Studio, Arthur offers a wide range of dental services, with a special emphasis on surgical procedures. His approach combines technical expertise with a gentle touch, ensuring that each patient receives the highest standard of care tailored to their individual needs.

Arthur is a lifelong learner, regularly engaging in courses to broaden his knowledge on various dental subjects. His commitment to excellence in dentistry was recognised when he was nominated for and subsequently inducted as a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Additionally, he has played an active role in the dental community, serving as a member and treasurer of the Australian Osseointegration Society, and as treasurer for the Australian Society of Computerised Dentistry.

Outside the practice, Arthur has a passion for self-improvement and wellness. He enjoys spending his free time immersed in books, continually expanding his knowledge and perspective. Fitness is another key aspect of his life, with regular visits to the gym forming an integral part of his routine for physical and mental well-being.

Arthur is excited to welcome you to East Adelaide Dental Studio, where his expertise, empathy, and dedication to patient comfort will ensure a positive and reassuring dental experience.


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